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What is FLEX?

From community centers to nearby parks, instructor-led SilverSneakers FLEX® classes are offered at a wide variety of locations. You’ll have access to over 80 types of classes like outdoor walking groups and nutrition workshops.

centers to
local parks

Find a class in a familiar and comfortable place with FLEX. There are thousands of FLEX locations across the country, and most SilverSneakers members have one right down the road.

Over 80 types
of classes

In addition to the Signature SilverSneakers classes, FLEX offers over 80 types of group classes like strength & balance, chair yoga, nutrition, and more. Get support from both instructors and other members while having fun.


at no extra
cost to you

If you have SilverSneakers included in your Medicare Advantage Plan, you'll automatically have access to all of the 80+ different types of FLEX classes. Check today to see if you're a member.

It’s kind of a
big deal

Wondering what’s so special about these classes? Hear from some of the millions of SilverSneakers members on why they enjoy working out and getting together at a class.